Sunday, June 28, 2009

Combined Worship Sunday

The second combined worship I served in was over. James was the song leader like last year, and some of the songs were the same.

At first I thought the choir was going to be really big judging by the amount of the people who came to practice but in the end, it was just OK because some people left during 2nd service, and others didn't come until then. That pretty much evens out things.

I was pretty happy that I joined this time's combined worship. Got to know new people, fellowship with campus (supper!) and serve God in worship! It was a humbling experience too. I think the lady singers had great potential. The youth had nice voices, and could catch on quickly. The Filipino ladies had really powerful voices! I was lost amongst them, but I was quite glad they were around because if everyone sang my volume no one would have heard the singing.

Altogether it was fun and meaningful.

After worship we had our usual lunch outing. The car to people ratio was surprisingly big and we had empty seats for once. In fact most of the lunch/suppers I go to now have empty seats. Last time we used to squeeze like sardines (five girls at the back!) behind Simon's car, LOL. We had Peranakan dishes for lunch. After that we went to the PUB reservoir where Juin Ming fished. It was a sight, with most of them trying to catch prawns and shrimps formally dressed! I didn't feel like trying (as usual) so I snapped pictures with my phone instead. Will upload them to facebook some time (don't feel like doing it now, hehe).

I'm going back to Malaysia for around 1 week on the 2oth or so. Wish it could be longer, but there are things like house-moving to do, and I have to prepare for the start of the semester also.

I've been moving in and out facebook lately and discovered some nice games. One of them is UNO, which is something like MSN's UNO, only they match you with other people instead of the computer. Usually the matches are quite quick, and I like the fact that they give each turn a time limit of 15 secondsso that you can't drag time too much when you're thinking. Some people think so horribly long you see. Usually those still holding a lot of cards after some time will get impatient and leave.

Another game I like to play once in a while is Typing Maniac.

I don't play this too often because it's too fast pace for my liking. For those who know Waka-Waka, this is by the same producers, only more fun because they actually test your typing speed instead of how fast you eat enemies, which is more meaningful, in my opinion. And all in all, it is not actually your typing speed that gets tested, it's how you strategize while typing. In fact I think towards the end, strategizing is more important than typing (provided that you can type fast enough in the first place), because that's what saves your neck. They rank all your friends too, so you know how much they do. I'm now fourth place, but maybe I'll be overtaken soon because it seems to be the latest craze among RH people.

Today I've got lots of free time to study and play around as usual. I've got a new little list of things to source for but unfortunately I can't start work because I don't know the quantity needed yet. So this is it, till the next blog post :)

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