Wednesday, August 26, 2009

26 August 09

If I could, I'll just name every blog entry I have 'updates'. But that would be too boring. Not that my current blog title is anything exciting either. Well, I guess I am a little boring as a person, in essence.

If you feel bored when you visit this site, try playing with the fishies on the left. They follow your mouse's lead. And if you click on the 'waters' see what happens! It's quite interesting for a short term. Once I tried twirling my mouse round and round watching the fishes trying to follow me, but being unable to keep up. Ahh... feeling of being ahead. Haven't felt that for such a very long time.

I just got my new project but my group has not started working on it yet. We just managed to get everyone settled down, and choose project leaders for different projects. At first we wanted to settle the leadership thing by playing 'rock, paper, scissors', the good old way of doing it. Unfortunately, we were meeting on MSN. But MSN has improved by leaps and bounds nowadays, and they do let you play that particular game online. Still, we decided that it was too tedious and decided to do random number picking instead. I got to lead a project that is still an unknown. In fact the module itself is a black box to me, because we haven't started learning the examinable part (and the project part) proper. Oh, well, come what may :)

On a happier note, the RH walkway is open for use, finally. I expressed this on my facebook, and have received the highest record of people 'liking' my status thus far. A covered walkway does mark RH history after all. No more getting wet running back from classes (unless you stubbornly want to soak by taking the engineering faculty route). And for us who witnessed and lived through the construction of the walkway, we don't have to go one big circle under the sun just to get to YIH and the places nearby, or the YIH bus stop. I don't mind going under the sun that much, but I do remember the time I carried a whole box of curry puffs from YIH back to hall, it actually rained. I bought an umbrella, but it was of no use at all because both my hands were occupied (and aching under the weight). So you see, living a life with the absence of a covered walkway is quite a pain, and it helps you appreciate the walkway more.

I did skip all my activity interviews after all. The Chairpersons agreed to let me off. For my filler-choices, I politely told the Chairpersons that I want to let myself off, and the were OK with it. I do want to join so many things, but yet I am afraid I'll wreck my CAP further this year. In fact everyone's so enthusiastic about everything, I have this little nagging feeling that I might not even get to stay in hall the coming academic year. Ah wells. As long as I get to stay somewhere on campus, it's fine and dandy.

Room balloting sessions are approaching and I think I want to occupy the room I stayed in Block 4 when I was in Year 1. Hopefully it will make me feel young again :) The view out there is pretty nice (there are trees outside the window), but it will be a different kind of nice from my current room which overlooks the takraw court. You see people from this room, but in the Block 4 room, the main view is trees (and maybe squirrels if I'm lucky). Trees do mean mosquitos, but since Tirza and I are people mosquitoes do not have a passion for, it's of small matter to us. Much as I look foward to staying there again, I dread moving my things over from Block 5 to Block 4.

That's enough of updates for these few days, I think. Shall blog again if I have more.

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