Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weekend Updates

Very tired lately. So many things have happened. I'm fighting to find time to study, to find time to just talk to myself over things that have been bugging me emotionally. It hasn't been a happy week though many exciting things supposedly have happened. Feeling very insecure.

This was a week of many first times. Yesterday night we had a Lorry Block Supper outing. We went in groups of 10 or more on different lorries and went to Bedok and Geylang for supper. It was the first time I sat at the back of a lorry. Brings back OMC memories when Swee Yee and I used to squeeze in front with Kelvin driving, or when we got lost trying to find SDU's building with Chun Ping driving.

Sitting behind was very different. We got to blow bubbles too, and it was the first time I actually properly blew bubbles (not counting the times I played with soap while bathing during primary school). But when the lorry was driven out it was hard to blow bubbles anymore. I liked the feeling of the wind rushing by and the scenery moving slowly without and being able to stare straight at the things next to the road without having to look through a glass or something like that. And it gave me plenty of time to think.

I lost something quite precious this weekend. Thanks Tirza and Jon for helping me look everywhere for it, and sorry for causing you two to be so inconvenienced looking for it. My weekend was very unprofitable, because I wasted much time worrying over this. But I still believe God has a purpose in it, and I'll find it somehow. Thank Him I have you two around, thanks for understanding and going out all the way to help.

Room balloting has caused quite some rife and strife among our hall seniors. Everyone's so obsessed with staying together with their cliques that sometimes you wonder if they think that Raffles Hall only consists of their cliques and no one else. All the true colors of Rafflesians show up and many not as cool as green. And it's only for a room that they are going to stay in for just half a semester! It's bad enough if you want to bully people as a group if you have the points to do it, but the thing is, some people don't have enough points and still expect to anyhow have the room they want! No, I'm not talking about people who want to stay in single rooms although singles rooms are lacking this sem. They are those people who expect others to willingly move away from a room of their choice, just because they want to be together with their friends. And those whose faces turn ugly when others displace them. My hand always itches to comment in the chatboxes of the rooms of these 'balloting bullies' but I managed to restrain it with much effort. Hence, I'm ranting in my own blog instead.

I think if someone has worked hard for his/her balloting points last year, (and a tough year it was too), there's no reason why he/she should be expected to ballot for another room just to let you stay with your friends in a particular block. Either not be so choosy and move to some other block with your clique, or stay in different rooms! It's not that the rooms in each block, or even between blocks, are so far apart after all. Don't bully your juniors just because they are too nice/polite to retaliate. Urgh. So disgusting is the way some Rafflesians treat each other, especially for those who claim they love hall. Fortunately, for girls' rooms, there aren't so much politics. Hopefully the JCRC can settle this properly.

On a happier note, we just had a nice reunion dinner with Swee Yee . Going to miss her after she goes to Canada this semester. Swee Yee is like the only person I can always sing and go crazy with in the most normal occassions. OK, maybe with the exception of Wing Mei, but that's a different kind of craziness. It was good to see Alex again too. :) Somehow I think this reunion has brought us all closer together again. Looking forward to staying next door to Zjun and Wen Qiao, and near to Lin Yan as well! We are celebrating Papa Phea's birthday tomorrow too.

Group picture!

I like this picture. Shu Lin, myself, Swee Yee the Megawatt Lightbulb and Jon.

Oh, I just found out I couldn't overload RH-Ed because I'm in Phoenix! Such a shame. :( I really want to join RH-Ed again! I wonder what the rationale behind that is. Maybe they don't want us to double-count for the same articles.

This video has somehow made me feel Malaysian all over again. Being in Singapore makes me feel more like a 'Singapore PR' than Malaysian somehow. But the video has brought back memories of my primary school days and the fact that I told Mable that we should learn to love our country because it is the country we grew up and are groomed to be who we are. I'm glad I found that feeling again. As the world grows more borderless each day, nationalism might mean less and less. But still, to have as sense affliation to a country that you feel that you still belong to, no matter what IC or passport you're holding, or where you're at... I think that's a good thing :)

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