Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Dawn of RH Activities 09/10 (Maybe)

This week is an exciting week. Interviews of RH-Activities should be starting! :D And the most exciting part is, for the first time, I'm planning to skip all my interviews!

Actually, the good thing about being year 3 is you know most of the Chairpersons, and they know your capabilities, so you get to save each other's time by calling interviews off. In fact I have two emails from different chairpersons calling all interviews off already. And some of my activities I don't really want to join, so not going for interviews (but politely informing the chairpersons first), would result in their wanting to rank me lower (which is a good thing).

I really have no idea what activities I'll finally end up with, with each committee having manpower scarcity and wanting people in badly. I do want to join lots of things but time is a precious commodity. Ahhh. Once the pull of hall activities get to me, I'll end up all enthusiastic again. This year, I'll try not to be too enthusiastic for my own good. (However, from past experience, the over-enthu blood is in me and would be kind of hard to suppress. Hmm. This sentence is just for the eyes of potential Chairpersons of course.)

I'm behind in my readings! This is the horrible vicious cycle all over again. (And oh, there was no RH-Activities for the past 2 weeks!) This cannot continue or I shall be driven insane by academic guilt. (Thinks of Lorry Block Supper this coming Friday.)

I shall psycho myself to love my books more than my CCA's this semester. Is it even going to work? Or does a balance of both actually exist?

Tirza, I more than half-wish I was an auditor too.

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