Friday, August 21, 2009

New Blogger Template

I just painstakingly edited the template of this blog, as you can see. It's cuter now. It took me quite some time to experiment and insert the relevant HTML in and make the size of the chatbox fit, for instance, after changing the template.

Oh, in case you guys think the comment link under the posts don't work, you must click on the number on the link, not on the word 'Comment' itself because that was not hyper link. For example if you see Comment (0), click on the bracketed '(0)' to post comments. But many are too lazy to comment there after reading anyway, including me. I usually leave a message in people's chatboxes instead.

Oh, and come to think of it, I have recently found fancy in a facebook game 'Country Story' from the producers of Pet Society and Restaurant City.

If you hate the fact that you always have to stay logged in in RC in order to level up, Country Story is just the opposite.The things I like about the game besides the nice and cute graphics are firstly, you do not have to spend much time playing (because even if you want to you can't), and it actually teaches you to plan, quite useful in learning to strategize options for money-making. Virtual money making, that is.

Basically you start off as a pretty girl or handsome guy (depending on your gender) tending a farm. You can customize the character and the house you stay in (which is what some people like). There is a number of options of what to plant in your farm, more will be unlocked as you level up. Different seeds give different produce, take different lengths of time to grow, and the produce have different worth. Whenever you work on the farm, you need stamina to do so, and when your stamina level goes down you can't work anymore till you've rested for a sufficient period of time, or after you eat some food. Unlike RC, food is pretty expensive in this game, so the best option is to rest after you've exhausted your stamina. That's why I said you can't keep on playing even if you want to, unless you're pretty loaded with money, which I find usually isn't the case. There are tasks in the game to be fulfilled too, and you need to strategize on how to use your time, stamina and the things you have to select which crops to plant and when to plant and harvest them.

It's good for learning on how to balance expenditure and costs to earn maximum profit, unless you're not concerned about how much you'll earn in the end. It's not important so if you want to play for fun and simply plant stuff you like, it's ok to go ahead too. (I say this because some people will think the planning thing is going to make the game an intellectual one. It's not.)

This game is a nice break from my studies from time to time. And the good thing is, even if you're addicted, you're forced not to play all the time too :) Good for muggers like me.


  1. Test comment: Yay, the new comment box looks pretty :)

  2. niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Dawn is jealous ;)

  3. Haha if she want I can tell her where to find this template and help her fit the cbox in. :)