Thursday, September 3, 2009

Personality Test

The results say that I'm Phlegmatic Melancholy. Melancholy! I thought that's the last thing I am because I never seem to get depressed. =p If you want to take the test please click here.

Anyway most of it is quite accurate. Here are the four personalities and my results.

Phlegmatic: 63%. 13 strengths, 12 weaknesses.
Melancholy: 20%. 1 strength, 7 weaknesses. I'm not only melancholic, but on the dangerous end too. =.=
Sanguine: 15%. 5 strengths, 1 weakness.
Choleric: 3%. 1 strength, no weaknesses.

I'm just going to post the characteristics of a few more dominant features and comment about them :)

Phlegmatic Strengths

The Phlegmatic's Emotions
  • Low-key personality - Accurate
  • Easygoing and relaxed - Quite
  • Calm, cool and collected -Only when there are no deadlines and exams.
  • Patient well balanced -Err... I suppose you can say that.
  • Consistent life - Hmm. Ya. Consistently messy table.
  • Quiet but witty - I like dry jokes but does that make me witty?
  • Sympathetic and kind - Errr...? To a certain limited degree.
  • Keeps emotions hidden - Yup I suppose so. I'm very careful of what I blog about.
  • Happily reconciled to life - Yea true!
  • All-purpose person - What does this mean? All purpose. Hmm.
The Phlegmatic As A Parent
  • Makes a good parent - Ahem. But I thought I'd never want to be a parent.
  • Takes time for the children - *Imagines.* Doesn't sound like me. =p
  • Is not in a hurry - No! I always want to arrive early.
  • Can take the good with the bad - OK I think so.
  • Doesn't get upset easily - Yup :)
The Phlegmatic At Work
  • Competent and steady - I hope so! Please please let this be accurate.
  • Peaceful and agreeable - Definitely.
  • Has administrative ability - For small stuff at least.
  • Mediates problems - Yup I do.
  • Avoids conflicts - Yes yes yes!
  • Good under pressure - Errr. I think so because no matter what I always depend on God to somehow help me through a jam. And He has been there always so far.
  • Finds the easy way - YES YES YES. But that's sometimes bad isn't it?
The Phlegmatic As a Friend
  • Easy to get along with - Yup
  • Pleasant and enjoyable - Depends
  • Inoffensive - Always. Unless you're too close to me, you might get bombed.
  • Good listener - Maybe.
  • Dry sense of humor - Yup yup.
  • Enjoys watching people -Yes :)
  • Has many friends - Hmm. I know many people but I can't say I'm close to many.
  • Has compassion and concern - I can't say this is accurate but I try.
Phlegmatic Weaknesses

The Phlegmatic's Emotions
  • Unenthusiastic - nods enthusiastically. =p
  • Fearful and worried - yup a lot too
  • Indecisive - you know how long it took me to finish this quiz?!
  • Avoids responsibility - how does this quiz know me so well?
  • Quiet will of iron - OK maybe it doesn't know me that well, or do I have a will of iron?
  • Selfish - Yes, how did they know I'm compassionate AND selfish?
  • To shy and reticent - Yup sometimes.
  • Too compromising - Depends, but yep I do overly compromise.
  • Self-righteous - Gulps. I ... suppose... so.
The Phlegmatic As A Parent
  • Lax on discipline - Hmm. Perhaps?
  • Doesn't organize home - NODS fervently.
  • Takes life to easy - NODS NODS NODS.
The Phlegmatic At Work
  • Not goal oriented - haha my goal is to finish the work ASAP.
  • Lacks self motivation - but I do try! I do!
  • Hard to get moving - hmm this explains a lot.
  • Resents being pushed - this explains even more!!!
  • Lazy and careless - Sigh. *hides face*
  • Discourages others - I hope not. (Maybe I sigh too much though)
  • Would rather watch - Argh. This quiz ISSS accurate.
The Phlegmatic As a Friend
  • Dampens enthusiasm - Sadly yes, I am seldom enthu over other people's interests.
  • Stays uninvolved - Half the time?
  • Is not exciting - I know I'm dull. :(
  • Indifferent to plans - Well, unless it's a really, really good plan.
  • Judges others - Nods.
  • Sarcastic and teasing - YESSSS :(
I wanted to do the rest but I'm lazy now. (Was there something about laziness at the top?) Anyway if you want to know more just go and do the test yourself and look through the list. Haha. Thanks Tirza for recommending the quiz. It was quite accurate after all. :D


  1. haha. :) was fun doing this in the middle of the night...

  2. Haha we should do more weird things like these before we graduate.