Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Post

Working make weekends more special than ever. And unlike schooling, where I have to mug 7 days a week, now I only have weekends for leisure purposes!

These two days were fun. Yesterday I went shopping (didn't buy anything) with Wing Mei and Tirza in Paya Lebar. Then we had ice-cream dessert in Bugis, and a walk in Marina Bay. Dinner with Tirza in City Hall. We were practically walking for 8 hours straight or more, and standing in the MRT. I was so glad I had my sports shoes on. Unlike Tirza, my leg muscles were sore at night, partially due to the fact that I've been running for bus 183 which involves rushing through slopes and stairs throughout the week. But today my legs felt really fine. Ready for another week of running again.

Today Boss and Wing Mei surprised us by turning up in GLCC. We went to De-coders (with Jon and Joanne also), a board games center; and if you didn't catch me mentioning this before, I LOVE boardgames. We wasted a lot of time starting-off and playing Settlers of Cartan, but it was quite worth it. Wish I had known how to strategize earlier though. Then we played No Mercy and Saboteur.

That was the fun part of the week. Not-so-happy things happened also, things that I'll rather not mention in a public blog. Things that I feel that I have a part to do with, and should I have been braver and truer to my heart for the past few years, I could possibly have done a part to prevent. Anyway two lessons learnt:

1. Friendship is a wonderful thing, but one needs to ever be discerning, even if surrounded by the sincerest, most well-intentioned friends.
2. One should never hesitate to point out the flaws of others in love; even if one knows that he/she is not perfect himself/herself. This was the mistake I made, and sadly, I'm not the only one paying the price.

It is always not easy to do the right thing. And it is not always rewarding either. But some things that must be done, should be done.

Work updates: My workload comes in short bursts, and I need to find a way of staying alert from 8-10 am. Usually I avoid reading and try to walk around during that time, but sometimes there isn't really much walking around to do. I'm thankful for my supervisor being nice and kind, but I do wish I am able to have more common conversational topics with my other colleagues. They are kind and open to communication, but somehow we don't have much in common due to a light generation gap, and I'm still rather shy of them.

I did think a lot about the 'asking for things to do' part, but then again, I didn't want to hamper other people's progress by doing too many follow-up phone calls (e.g. interrupting meetings), or asking questions at the wrong time. Somehow people seem to be constantly on the phone or in a conversation.

That's all for this weekend's updates. By the way I'm really enjoying Agatha Christie's writings. Every story draws a new breath. She really is a creative writer.