Saturday, October 23, 2010

Last RH Concert + Handwritten Notes + Other Stuff

Just went for my last RH concert (I think). A bit too chim for me to understand, but thank goodness Wiki exists, and Piang Piang too. Now I get most of the play I think it was pretty well-adapted. Just couldn't get used to the native accents of some of the cast, as well as grasp the meaning of the play. But it's still a change - for once RH concert had quite some thought provoking stuff.

Liked the nice dinner/supper after that too :D

But I don't like the test that's still in store for me to mug. Next week it's a horribly busy week. Whole week packed with tests, submissions, preparation for submissions, and our RH special project. Ugh.

Anyway I got the promised nice handwritten note from my Mysterious Senior yesterday. Haha! Sorry for always checking my mails late. :S It's nice getting handwritten stuff, and hand-made stuff with drawings. :D

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