Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Graduated and Employed

My commencement was held today. It was NICE. Especially like the end part where balloons and confetti poured down from the top of the uni cultural hall. And was really glad that I got an extra invitation card too - that means daddy, and both my grandparents could watch the ceremony in the hall itself.

Took plenty of pics - but wish I bumped into more of my peers. However, I was rather limited in terms of movement for too much photo-taking.

I consider it a very lovely ending to my four years of uni education, with family and friends.

On top of that I am now officially hired by MSD (my IA company) as a chemist! :D So happy to be employed. Going for medical checkup tomorrow. Hopefully I'll learn much from my job. The shift hours are a bit challenging, not to mention that Kovan is like 40 km away from Tuas!!!! But still - the pay is awesome. It makes everything worth it.

Thank God for everything: and I know there's something else He wants me to do within these two years - probably a people thing. :) Will pray hard and work hard. Now everything has kind of settled - my worst battle would probably be against complacency. Constant vigilance is required.

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