Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Morning Blues

I just realized how much worse morning shifts are compared to night shifts. I made the great big mistake of not getting my daily morning caffeine dose before going to work because I thought I already had enough sleep (which was true). I was super blur the whole day. Thankfully I didn't have any work assigned or training for the whole day. Just answer knowledge assessment questions posed by my supervisor to get my training modules cleared.

I wish my brain has a larger memory card because there are so many nitty gritty points-of-caution I need to remember! So far the only way I'm remembering things extra quickly and effectively is through making mistakes and getting horrified by them. This is not fun at all :(

Anyways today we are having some mini-mooncake festival celebration with the free mooncakes Jon got. Too bad this is going to be a hazy mid-Autumn. It spoilt our sight-seeing attempt at Marina Square yesterday too. The two Jons' and me wanted to walk down to look at the Merlion but even ice-cream can't put right the negative effect of the hazy air.

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