Sunday, December 11, 2011

And So We Reach December

December now. I think months just fly by when work is concerned. We're required to sign and date at all our documentations at work. Each new date I date reminds me of each day passed. And it's so fast before we have to write down another number. 2012 seemed so far away. At first. Now it's near, and next year I'll be at the age Jon likes to call 'Christmas Cake'. I still feel like what I used to feel when I was a teen though. But physically I have aged much.

I'm getting more stable at work now, though I still make mistakes. But it feels good to be getting better at something new for once. I haven't been learning new things for a long time, and testing is somewhat new to me, although we do have lab sessions in NUS. But there wasn't so much wet chemistry involved. I used to dread pipetting, but now I'm very much used to it. My accuracy could be improved way more though.

Will be going home for Christmas in the next two weeks. Counting down for New Year in Singapore though, for the first time. Good chance to catch up with friends and have fun together. I'll be sharing a short Christmas message (Dawn too) during our Christmas caroling sessions. I haven't talked in public for a long time. Still haven't really thought of which approach I'd take to share.

Was initially rather appalled about sharing (because I have this vacant expression on my face every time I address a large group of people - in other words my charisma is level zero), but then later I was excited instead. I haven't had the chance to share the gospel for a long time. And the power of the gospel lies in the gospel itself, not the speaker. Where I am weak, God shows Himself strong. May God be glorified. Please pray for me as I prepare: that I am equipped with love, humility, and faith; and pray that hearts are prepared to receive the sowing of the seed.

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